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Jay Brandenburg-Nau Helps Clients Understand Personal Motivations and Needs Using the Enneagram Model

Through counseling psychology, Jay Brandenburg-Nau helps clients understand their inner workings better so that they can overcome mental obstacles and take the reins on their lives. He frequently looks to the Enneagram model to bring needs and motivations to light using common personality types and associated behaviors. Mental health specialists around the world have employed […]

Jay Brandenburg-Nau Uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Help Clients Overcome

A counseling psychologist with nearly a decade of professional experience, Jay Brandenburg-Nau is accustomed to a range of therapy approaches and techniques. In order to meet the diverse needs of his patients and provide lasting solutions, he employs proven approaches such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) during sessions. Over the years, Jay Brandenburg-Nau has offered tailored, […]

Jay Brandenburg-Nau

Jay Brandenburg-Nau Shares the Story of the Allender Center and How it Helps People Heal

Always seeking new resources and means to optimize care for his clients, counseling psychologist Jay Brandenburg-Nau meets a variety of needs and helps people heal for good. Aligning with the teaching and resources of the Allender Center, he explains how the organization has helped countless people overcome obstacles and go on to live happy, fulfilling […]

Jay Brandenburg-Nau - EMDR Therapy and How it Works

Jay Brandenburg-Nau Explains the Benefits of EMDR Therapy and How it Works

Counseling psychologist Jay Brandenburg-Nau uses a variety of approaches and therapies to ensure his clients find lasting peace and freedom from mental obstacles. Below, he explains how using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an effective way to treat trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).    In order to meet clients’ diverse needs, […]

Jay Brandenburg-Nau - Men’s Health Issues

Jay Brandenburg-Nau Discusses Men’s Health Issues and the Common Reluctance to Seek Help

Jay Brandenburg-Nau is a counseling psychologist helping families, couples, and individuals understand their inner workings better to achieve a peaceful, happier state. With years of experience treating men’s health issues, he helps readers understand the societal pressures on men, the effects on their health, and the reasons behind their reluctance to seek help. For a decade, Jay […]

Jay Brandenburg-Nau - Heal and Find Peace

Jay Brandenburg-Nau Uses Psychotherapy to Help Clients in Colorado Heal and Find Peace

As a licensed counselor, Jay Brandenburg-Nau helps patients overcome mental obstacles preventing them from being happy and enjoying a fulfilling life.   Jay employs a range of techniques to help find the best solutions for his clients, relying on approaches such as psychotherapy to discover the root problems affecting their overall well-being.   Jay Brandenburg-Nau […]

Jay Brandenburg-Nau - Find Peace and Balance Through Counseling Psychology

Jay Brandenburg-Nau Helps Individuals and Families Find Peace and Balance Through Counseling Psychology

For nearly a decade, Jay Brandenburg-Nau has brought his passion for fellowship and counseling to his community and has helped transform the lives of clients for the better through counseling psychology. By examining clients’ lifestyle elements and hearing their stories, he is able to piece together a positive plan of action that will help them take back […]

Jay Brandenburg-Nau - Enneagram Model in Counseling

Jay Brandenburg-Nau Employs the Enneagram Model in Counseling to Encourage Growth

The Enneagram Behavior Model has been used for decades as a way of helping people understand their inner motivations and finding solutions to their specific issues. Counseling psychologist Jay Brandenburg-Nau uses the Enneagram model to help his clients discover more about their inner workings and find peace and happiness more easily.    Jay Brandenburg-Nau has […]

Jay Brandenburg-Nau - Marital Counseling

Jay Brandenburg-Nau Offers Marital Counseling to Help Couples Heal and Support One Another

Jay Brandenburg-Nau is a professional therapist with years of experience in a range of counseling subjects including family therapy, counseling psychology, and ACT therapy. Through dedicated marital counseling, he is able to teach couples positive methods of communication and how to grow into a more loving and appreciative partnership.    Clients come to Jay Brandenburg-Nau […]

Jay Brandenburg Nau Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Jay Brandenburg-Nau Shares How Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Can Be the First Step to Healing

Jay Brandenburg-Nau helps clients in his community achieve wholeness and peace by employing a variety of theories and practices without the use of expensive medication. A licensed professional and experienced counselor, he relies on treatments such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help his clients overcome emotional and psychological obstacles. As a full-time therapist, Jay […]