Jay Austin Brandenburg-Nau
Jay Brandenburg-Nau

Narrative By Jay Brandenburg-Nau

“The story of your life is the story of the long and sustained assault on your heart by the one who knows who you could be and fears you!”


Jay Brandenburg-Nau 36
Jay Brandenburg-Nau

he story, narrative… Our lives are composed of many lives and many deaths… Our life is one big story with many volumes.


We are apart of a larger story.  The story of a God who loves us and will stop at nothing to heal our hearts.  The heart is the innermost being.  It’s a place where life and beauty reside.  It’s the prized possession… So many of our hearts have been assaulted by lies, accusations, wounds from lovers, parents, and friends.


In Hebrew, the heart (lev or levav) is the center of human thought and spiritual life. We tend to think that the heart refers mainly to our emotions, but in Hebrew, it also refers to one’s mind and thoughts as well. The heart is so central to life…. So important and so costly.


The heart is oriented to life-giving things. It’s been wired for deep connection…  It’s designed to resonate and reflect the good and perfect love of our true Father.  That is why it comes under so much heavy assault from such a young age. The wounding may be subtle, a hurtful word on a playground, or an absent mother or father.


It whispers and sometimes shouts “I’m not enough, or I’m too much… It covers up our deep goodness and the wounds become a landing pad in the heart for the lies of the evil one.  The thing about a landing pad is that it is also a launching pad.  It compels our hearts to seek life and meaning apart from true connection and intimate trust.


We cover up our wounds with food, drink, money, power, and success.  Many just go numb and walk through life aimlessly without purpose or direction.  You need to know that your heart is good, that you are good.  So good in fact, that God spared no expense to recover your heart.  He is beckoning you and me to a greater story.


He is calling you to deep rest and a beautiful story filled with love and beauty.  The only requirement is to surrender.  What is it that you need to surrender today?  What are the wounds you carry?  God is ever present.  He is not constrained to time and space.  Right now at this moment, He is able to touch the wound and heal the long-suffering heart.


Take some time to invite Jesus into old memories of pain, shame, and regret.  Ask him to speak the truth over the lie.  The truth always sets us free.

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