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Jay Brandenburg-Nau

Words from Jay Brandenburg-Nau

“Be still and know that I am God!” Be still… I can remember as a kid being told to settle down… to be still… Be quiet… The message felt so personal, like an indictment on my heart.  If you can’t sit still there must be something wrong with you… A cold wet blanket of shame […]

Jay Brandenburg-Nau - Strange Emotions

Strange Emotions with Jay Brandenburg-Nau

Freedom Is Such a Strange Emotion. Such a strange feeling. Freedom. The freedom to choose. The ability to enjoy life. The option. Options have always felt like a game of Russian roulette. A choice that could prove fatal. The choices I made always felt like they came with a great price. I spent the weekend […]

Jay Brandenburg-Nau - Nine Enneagram Types

Jay Brandenburg-Nau Helps Readers Achieve Growth by Understanding the Nine Enneagram Types

As a dedicated counselor, Jay Brandenburg-Nau constantly seeks out new methods of therapy and counseling techniques to deliver lasting solutions to clients in Colorado. One of his most effective resources for helping people achieve personal understanding and growth is the Enneagram model, which is based on nine basic personality types. By understanding these types and […]