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Jay Brandenburg-Nau - Find Peace and Balance Through Counseling Psychology

Jay Brandenburg-Nau Helps Individuals and Families Find Peace and Balance Through Counseling Psychology

For nearly a decade, Jay Brandenburg-Nau has brought his passion for fellowship and counseling to his community and has helped transform the lives of clients for the better through counseling psychology. By examining clients’ lifestyle elements and hearing their stories, he is able to piece together a positive plan of action that will help them take back […]

Jay Brandenburg-Nau - Enneagram Model in Counseling

Jay Brandenburg-Nau Employs the Enneagram Model in Counseling to Encourage Growth

The Enneagram Behavior Model has been used for decades as a way of helping people understand their inner motivations and finding solutions to their specific issues. Counseling psychologist Jay Brandenburg-Nau uses the Enneagram model to help his clients discover more about their inner workings and find peace and happiness more easily.    Jay Brandenburg-Nau has […]