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Jay Brandenburg-Nau Explains the Enneagram Model and How It Can Enhance Personal Growth

Jay Brandenburg-Nau is a licensed counselor who helps clients from all over the world using an intensive therapeutic process to achieve peace, happiness, and a healthier outlook on life. He frequently employs the Enneagram model to teach his clients how understanding personality types and deep motivations can encourage personal growth. Through counseling, Jay Brandenburg-Nau empowersclients in his […]

Licensed Professional Counselor Jay Brandenburg-Nau Explains the Benefits of Counseling Psychology

  Jay Brandenburg-Nau has helped people in his community achieve peace of mind and overcome everyday obstacles through fellowship and counseling. As a licensed professional, he shares the benefits of counseling psychology and encourages people to seek out help from qualified professionals in their area. Jay Brandenburg-Nau was only seven when he discovered an interest in […]